Currency, Secure Payment, ID and Telco

Pack-Smart’s innovative solutions for the personalization and secure packaging solutions for documents in the Banking, Card and SIM Card industries are recognized  world-wide for an approach that achieves complete automation and traceability with 0%-defect manufacturing. We offer systems with in-line duplex personalization (ink-Jet, Mag Stripe and Chip Encoding), labeling, carrier personalization and multiple fold and closure solutions.

Our proprietary affixing systems with +/- placement tolerances of .018’’ and run speeds of 17,000 UPH (standard CR80 Card) are unmatched in the industry and recognized as the true best-in-class solution for speed and accuracy.


Pack-Smart Advantage


Duplex DOD with resolutions up to 600dpi and scratch offs. Multiple applications of labels. Mag stripe and chip encoding.

Data Captuing & Tracking

  • Multiple glue and fold configurations
  • Currency batching, bundling and stacking
  • Placement accuracy for card and internal package components of .018’’
  • Production of multipack (multiple card packages)
  • Complete in-line data verification and back-end reporting


Multiple secure sealing capabilities. With active and Intelligent Packaging. Components Available.