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  • Feeding & Inserting

    Pack-Smart Feeding and Inserting technology provides accurate placement of products within 0.02 inches. This translates to superior efficiency when trying to place and assemble products such as promotional materials, large mailers, flyers with special products that require adhesive. The possibilities are truly endless.

  • Folding

    Our Folding technology has modernized our customer’s abilities to conquer every growing demand for efficiency and automation.  We are able to produce complex folds throughout the packaging process that is ideal for open/closed loop cards, telco sim card packaging, and much more.

  • Accurate Affixing

    For automation to be truly effective in this evolving competitive global landscape, precision is required. With over 20 years of development, Pack-Smart’s technology is accurate to within 0.02 inches when affixing promotional materials to packaging and promotional materials. This accuracy is perfect for affixing small samples into intricate spaces as well as larger needs. We customize our technology to fit any scenario and industry.

  • Window Patching

    Our Window Patching technology allows us to accurately affix clear windows to within 0.02” which greatly increases your ability to present desirable packaging solutions ideal for advantageous retail positioning.

  • Pick & Place

    We offer two options of Pick and Place technology: rotating and reciprocating. We’re able to place products that range from the smallest to the largest with extreme accuracy and precision.

  • Conveying

    Pack-Smart’s wide variety of Conveying technology enables us to be of tremendous value to multiple industries. We have solutions that can run different types of conveyors depending on what you need. Our conveying will even allow you to produce food related products. We’ve also introduced state-of-the-art vacuum technology into our conveying solutions for added accuracy and efficiency.

  • Gluing & Coating

    Pack-Smart Gluing and Coating technology open multiple realms of possibilities especially within the areas of protection and security. We can safely and swiftly work with hot and cold glues.

  • Labeling

    Labeling at Pack-Smart is serious business. We’ve always given our customers multiple options but our high-speed labeling is the most popular. Our labeling technology is designed in such a way as to eliminate downtime altogether. With dual spools running, change-overs are easily manageable as well.

  • Variable Digital Printing

    Variable Digital Printing

    Pack-Smart technology allows us to develop custom modules and systems designed to take your complex packaging needs and apply appropriate marketing materials as well as being able to print directly onto your packaging materials. This creates a level of flexibility that no other automation solutions provider can achieve.

  • Alignment

    Pack-Smart’s alignment technology is designed to ensure that full-automation perfection is achieved. Our Friction feeders ensure that products delivered to the automation process are calibrated to business requirements and will travel through our systems without disruption.

  • Divert Gate

    Diverting & Sorting

    Pack-Smart Diverting and Sorting Technology makes assembling complex packages with multiple pieces that require separation a walk in the park. A prime example of our superior diverting and sorting capabilities would be trying to create a box of colored markers or pencils. We have complex technology that allows businesses to sort and manage a wide range of variables while still maintaining efficiency and speed when assembling the finished products.

  • Batching

    Organization is vital for logistics. Pack-Smart batching technology ensures that all products exiting our solutions are grouped perfectly together. Tracking solutions can also be added to the batching process for an extra level of protection.

  • Magnetic Stripe Write & Read

    Pack-Smart Magnetic Stripe Write and Read technology offers a complete solution for applying, reading, and encoding magnetic stripes. Our superior technology also allows for the magnetic stripe to be applied to a variety of packaging materials.

  • Brand Protection & Authentication

    Piracy and theft remain legitimate concerns for all industries. Our brand protection and authentication technology ensure your brand is prepared for all scenarios. Pack-Smart countermeasures apply unique identities to all materials that enable you to have an added layer of tracking both during application and throughout delivery.


    Our RFID-NFC technology enables customers to place precision tracking for managing inventory purposes while also being able to add an additional layer of security.

  • Defect Detection

    Quality control has always been synonymous with Pack-Smart technology. When you’re working with incredibly large amounts of product, traveling and being formed within milliseconds, it’s important to be able to catch defective products. Our technologies include divert gates for every system and these can be implemented throughout the solution to ensure that no defective products make it to the finish line. For added assurance, our defect detection can be programmed to identify known defects.

  • Wrapping & Sealing

    Pack-Smart Wrapping and Sealing technology take both batched or individual packages and wraps within your specifications. An accompanying identifying label is also implemented at this point to aid your business with tracking and quality assurance.

  • Heat Sealing

    Pack-Smart Heat Sealing Technology adds an extra level of security, especially for card carriers that require more attention to details. The products are placed under extreme heat for a brief period to ensure that everything is sealed and secured within the package.

  • Inline Scoring and Slitting

    Inline Scoring & Slitting

    Pack-Smart Inline Scoring & Slitting Technology enables our solution to allow customers to experience full automation within one system. We can effectively create outlines for folding while also administering the divots to make for easy assembly.

  • Cartoning

    Pack-Smart Cartoning technology enables our solutions to take flat sheets of paper and packaging materials and literally construct a full box. We’re also able to attach rigid windows, customize with further printing. This technology has worked extremely well in the luxury, cosmetic, and entertainment industries, but can be calibrated to fit any industry needs that you may have.

  • High Speed Robotics

    High Speed Robotics

    Pack-Smart is able to implement High-Speed Robotics into all of our systems.  This ensures that unique customization can occur for all clients.  Our flexibility also enhances our abilities to meet and exceed your business needs.  Our goal is always to create the perfect solution for clients.

  • Loading & De-Stacking

    Pack-Smart technologies are capable of handling vast quantities of product. Our solutions are able to assist you with loading and de-stacking to ensure that downtime is reduced to a minimum while also increasing overall efficiency.

  • Die Cutting

    Die Cutting

    Pack-Smart is a leading provider of integrated systems and services in the packaging industry. Unique to Pack-Smart is the ability to offer multiple Diecutting solutions, including die cutters and laser processing solutions. With a focus on the future of packaging, let Pack-Smart develop a system which solution is ideal for your needs. Key features that die cutters look to incorporate into their packaging and paper processing include accuracy of the cut, quality of the cut, depth of cut and cut depth consistency. Whether die cutters are processing cartons, medical package envelopes, binder stiffeners, napkins or other items, Pack-Smart will provide either flatbed or rotary solution. Pack-Smart systems incorporate score cutting, kiss cutting, through cutting, creasing, and perforating to best fit the die cutting application.

  • Machine Vision

    When we refer to Machine Vision, we’re speaking on Pack-Smart technology that enables superior tracking. We’re able to encode your barcodes with specific information that is helpful with identification as well as instructions for the end-user.

  • Inline Weighing

    Inline Weighing

    When assembling complicated packaging that requires precision dimensions and multiple components, we utilize our inline weighing to assist with accuracy and quality control. We can implement cost-effective, time-saving measures that will allow for extreme accuracy. Our solutions are built with diverting gates to allow for defective products to be instantly discarded without slowing down the overall production times because the speed of business is constantly changing.

  • Tray Forming

    Tray Forming

    We are able to process multiple product sizes and cases while also being able to work with various materials and thicknesses.

  • Collating

    Our Collating technologies allow us to make complex packages with multiple components with ease. Pack-Smart has developed automation solutions that will allow your business to assemble large packaging and marketing collateral without slowing down productivity.

  • Data Reading & Tracking

    With the volumes of products that Pack-Smart solutions are capable of, it’s vital for us to be able to track each item that passes through each module and is assembled within the solution. We’ve implemented industry leading data reading and tracking capabilities into all our solutions.

  • Integrated Controls

    All Pack-Smart’s technologies have integrated controls that allow for precision start and stop features throughout various modules within a customizable solution. All integrated controls can be programmed to suit your unique needs as well.

  • Braille Embossing

    Braille Embossing is a prime example of our complete commitment to engineering the impossible. We custom created and designed this technology to work seamlessly within our solutions. We are experts in embossing all paper related packaging surfaces.


Every Pack-Smart solution is designed and engineered to meet the individual company’s needs regarding package shape, size, functionality, automation requirements, loading and space constraints. Pack-Smart leads the way to numerous modular options which makes it easy to tailor your solution to specific industry needs.

We have engineered over 100 state-of-the-art modules that are flexible for upgrades, and additions are possible any time. This design concept allows for maximum flexibility and a diverse range of products. From defining your project requirements to selecting the modular building components of your high performance fully integrated line, our expertise and technologies provide an incredibly powerful platform aimed for 24/7 advanced reporting, faster product time-to-market and reducing development cycles and overall costs.


Let’s discuss your project. Our Pack-Smart team is ready to answer your queries.


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