Our Purpose

At Pack-Smart, we are dedicated to streamlining operations, creating speed, accuracy, quality, and profitability. We accomplish this through and by our ever-growing knowledge, utilizing innovative technologies that support the most advanced manufacturing processes.

Our Mandate

By concentrating our focus and energy on superior designs and service, we accelerate the growth and innovation objectives of our customers. In doing so, we aim to maintain our position as each customer’s partner of choice and as the industry’s employer of choice, gaining and solidifying greater levels of trust, respect, and loyalty.

Our Vision

The inevitable change in the marketplace is a great opportunity for us to grow. To that end, we engage our people and experience in developing groundbreaking solutions that meet the needs of our customers and the emerging markets in need of support.

Our past success is surely our pride, but never a hindrance to innovating beyond what we have already done. At Pack-Smart, we are committed to building the foundations for sustainable growth. We concentrate our participation in markets where our contribution will be invaluable. We aim to be of extensive value to our customers by making a positive, prompt and measurable impact on their operations.

Our formula for diversity and focus ensures that we provide our customers with sustainable, long-term growth and success, thereby establishing our own longevity and success as an industry leader.

Our Mission

Pack-Smart exists because of its loyal customers, whose needs are constantly evolving with the marketplace. To that end, the Pack-Smart team understands the value of looking ahead and leading the way to the future.

We achieve our goals through the development individually tailored solutions, innovative technologies, and enhanced adaptability, promoting greater efficiencies for our clients and their production.

We lend concerted effort to understanding the strategic and operational objectives of our customers, thus delivering specific value in all our designs, products and services.

We believe wholly in team collaboration and complete transparency with suppliers and partners. This allows us to deliver superior innovation to our customers, which results in an unparalleled competitive advantage.

We embrace challenge, take full responsibility for our results with integrity, and welcome change and improvement with courage, continuously gaining the trust of customers, employees and stakeholders.

Our Commitment to Quality

We provide the epitome of quality, meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers. Each employee takes ownership of and is held accountable for the quality of his/her product, service and process. We achieve superior quality through comprehensive customer focus, effective communication, quantifiable measurement, and continuous improvement. These are eminent in our organization’s communications, working environment, needs, goals, processes and roadmaps.

Our People

Pack-Smart unites highly skilled design, operations, and support teams with leading expertise in automation and integration. With these excellent people in place, we are able to leverage our collective creativity and bring innovative ideas to life.